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Highlights from your Tea Party Meeting of July 22, 2013

Yesterday’s monthly Tea Party meeting at the Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park had in attendance representatives from area freedom groups, candidates for local and state offices, current representatives and of course a good turnout of area patriots.

Loren noted the upcoming Western  Conservative Summit and our local Colorado Freedom Festival at the Barn August 11, 2013 from 1Pm to 5PM.

Donna from the Evergreen Tea Party spoke regarding her studies on the educational initiative known as Common Core.

State Rep Justin Everett from District 22 gave a concise review of the year’s Democrat controlled session; the far left in command of both chambers and the governorship were able to pass a plethora of freedom limiting laws.  Justin made an interesting point in that the current sitting Dems are very like minded in their far-left leaning ways, while the current sitting Repubs’ views vary widely on concepts of limited government and individual liberty.  He stressed the importance of backing liberty minded Republicans and not just any candidate with an “R” after their names!

Last night also featured candidate for Senate District 22 Tony Sanchez as he spoke of how his family’s passion for America ingrained in him his love of liberty, personal responsibilty and the American Dream.  Tony’s grandmother and parents immigrated from Mexico and El Salvador.  Tony moved to Colorado from San Francisco several years ago and he spoke passionatly about the future of our state and his intentions to stay true to his core values.

Also last night Jeff Shrader ,candidate for the Republican nod for Jeffco Sheriff, introduced himself and spoke of his service to Jefferson County these past 29 years.  Jeff has held a wide variety of leadership roles during his law enforcement career.