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Highlights from our Tea Party Meeting of 4-22-13

Thank you all for braving the Spring snowstorm last night to attend your Tea Party’s Monthly meeting at our new location in the Evergreen Memorial Park Barn.  Many thanks to the Lewis family for the use of this venue!  Loren emphasized that activism, organization and goals win elections.  He encouraged those who would like to get more involved to join our Activist Meetings on the 1st Monday each month.   You are needed so please email if you’re interested.

The farmer from Wray, State Senator Greg Brophy,  was our guest speaker and the highlight of the evening.  He described this present session as the most liberal and extreme of his time at the capital.  Greg described current battles fought, and those to be fought, involving the most recent Gun Control legislation, the rate increases through the Rural Electric Co-Op Bill, the exclusion of fossil energy experts from the Oil & Gas Commission, and lastly the insanity and malicious intent of the same day voter registration bills.